More resources to come! So keep checking back. 

Are you a school teacher wanting to incorporate environmental topics and Driven to Sustain into your curriculum?  There are two ways to do it:

1. Download the curriculum below for the associated grade level.

2. Fill out our form to register for an in-class visit from Tyson and Cloe

Are you a student looking for ways to make your school more environmentally aware?  Check out the Sustainable High Schools' Kit (SHS)!  It is made by youth, for youth who have been successful in changing their school.

We want to learn from you too!  If you know about a sustainable project anywhere

in North America and want to share the knowledge with us, fill out this form.

SHS Section 1

SHS Section 2

SHS Section 3

Grades 4-8

Grades 9-12

Sustainable High Schools (SHS) Project

The Story of Stuff

A world record attempt to learn about and share information for the promotion of healthy sustainable living choices.

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