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Thank you for helping Driven to Sustain provide environmental education in schools across North America and promote sustainable living in the Media!  The span of our success depends on the individuals, groups, and companies who support us and the goal of Driven to Sustain.  Our sponsors stand behind environmental awareness; they value personal choice; and they see a need to respect our natural systems and to find a place within them.

More substantial donations - may qualify as a Green Sponsor - logo and Link to website on our page

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A world record attempt to learn about and share information for the promotion of healthy sustainable living choices.

The number and variety of communities we can reach is determined mainly by our sponsors.  If you want to help fund our mission or offer your support, email us at

If you would like to help Driven to Sustain continue their North American awareness campaign in other ways please refer to this list:

Spread the word!  Tell friends, teachers, and educators about our mission and provide them with our Learn PageSustainable_Education_-_Curriculum_-_Driven_to_Sustain.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
Hold a benefit in your school or community for Driven to Sustain.
A hot meal and shower to break up the long stretches are always appreciated after days in the van!

Take Action!  Click here for a list of simple changes you can make in your life to becoming more sustainable and slowing climate change.
Tell us about a cool sustainable project anywhere in North America!"
Suggest a school to visit
  1. Driven to Sustain, if you don’t need a tax receipt.


  1. The Sierra Club of BC Foundation via if you would like a Canadian tax receipt.

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  1. To ensure Driven to Sustain receives these funds, make sure you select “The Driven to Sustain Project” under the Fund/Designation column.

  2. Note: In order to receive a charitable tax receipt you must donate greater than 50 dollars

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