New York Fries is a Canadian-owned retail chain specializing in premium quality, fresh-cut fries. In Canada, there are more than 180 New York Fries stores in major shopping centres and movie theatres, with an international presence in South Korea, Dubai and United Arab Emirates, and a deal pending in Hong Kong. In 2004, New York Fries became the first Canadian quick-service company to switch its oil to a non-hydrogenated, trans-fat-free sunflower oil, further solidifying its position as a destination for those seeking a quality indulgence.  For more information about New York Fries and locations, visit www.newyorkfries.com.

"New York Fries is proud to fuel Tyson and Cloe's world record breaking journey by donating our waste sunflower oil to their cause. Our franchisees and front line staff are thrilled to be supporting Tyson and Cloe by saving their oil to help power their vehicle, and we applaud their commitment to educate the country on sustainability and environmental options. On behalf of New York Fries, we wish Tyson and Cloe all the best in achieving this most important mandate.”

- Jay Gould, president of New York Fries.

Veg Systems, founded in 2005 is one of the leading edge companies designing, researching, and selling vegetable oil conversion kits and components.  These "Veg" systems allow diesel engines to be fueled by new or recycled vegetable oils (also called plant oils), biodiesel or petroleum diesel.  Conversion systems have been successfully installed on tens of thousands of personal and commercial vehicles.  This has made it possible to reduce pollutants, reduce our reliance on petroleum and let us keep some of our money in our wallet!  For more information about our research and products visit us online at www.veggiefuelsystems.ca.

“When Driven to Sustain contacted us to sponsor their attempt to break the world record for distance traveled by alternative fuels, naturally we were ecstatic to help.  Their desire to make a difference and educate the continent about sustainable, realistic and alternative choices fits hand in hand with the reasons we do what we do here at Veg Systems.  Their incredible record breaking journey will also give us the ability to test new products under extreme climatic variations and extended use and to show the viability and importance of recycled vegetable oils as a clean and viable fuel source to broaden and "green" our energy demands.”

-Will Cox, president of Veg Systems.

Individual Supporters:


Ron and Cathy Pegg

Bill, Barb, and Carmen Astle

Andrew and Marie Cave

Recycling Alternative

Dwayne & Salwa Samycia

Doug and Mary Armstrong

The Applewhaites

The Samaris

Susan McLennan

Heather Spence

Andrew McLellan

Zosia Whittaker Burden

Michael Burden

Ari Neimand

Rob Elias

Paul Lang

Rebekah Nazarian

Pat Crow

Estefania Gamarra

Glen Rodes and Family

Allison Holley

George Keith with AMSOIL

Holiday Inn - London Downtown

Holiday Inn Toronto - Midtown

Earthfirst Envirotech Solutions Inc.

Holiday Inn Express - Belleville

Ron, Jodi and Family

Jason from Alamo Biodiesel

Tumaini Martin Kamaria

TacoTime has been an industry leader in quality quick service Mexican food for more than 40 years. Founded in 1960, TacoTime serves up a fresh, craveable taste made with wholesome quality ingredients. Today, TacoTime has expanded to nearly 350 franchise locations within the U.S. and Canada.  As franchisees and small business owners, we believe it’s important to give back to causes that are important to the community through fundraisers, in-kind donations and most importantly, our time and talents. TacoTime is also committed to integrating the protection and preservation of global resources into our everyday business practices on an increasing basis through personal responsibility, education and partnerships with suppliers, contractors and vendors. We’ve just begun this journey and we have a long way to go, however it’s our belief that every little bit counts including our donation of waste vegetable oil (WVO) to sustainable vehicles.  For more information about TacoTime, visit the company’s Web site at www.tacotime.com.

“Tyson and Cloe’s commitment to educating and promoting sustainably is an admirable feat; demonstrating how individual choices can make a difference so we can preserve the planet for future generations.  TacoTime is thrilled to play a role in fueling their van and their stomachs throughout their U.S. journey.”

A world record attempt to learn about and share information for the promotion of healthy sustainable living choices.

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Neville and Jane Fleet

Ray McCormack

Baja Fresh - Boise, ID


A' Côté Bar a Absinthe

Rob Pegg & Family

Robb Yagmin

Harbourfront Inn, Sarnia


Al Johnson

Snake... or MIKE

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Tamara at Bookman’s

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Holiday Inn at the Plaza - Kansas City

Holiday Inn St. Louis, Forest Park

The Regency Hotel Downtown, Columbia

The Ritz-Carlton  New York, Battery Park

Joanne, Andrew, and Liam MacDonald

Holiday Inn Kitchener-Waterloo

Howard Johnston - Brampton

Best Western Otonabee Inn - Peterborough

Simon Kearney

Holiday Inn Express - Ottawa Airport

Holiday Inn Express - Kingston

Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront Hotel

Steamworks Brewery Co

Holiday Inn - Vancouver Downtown

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Vancouver

I re-launched Modrobes specifically to give people the option to buy clothing that is made through an environmentally clean process and yet still performs just as well as other sport specific gear. Most people do not realize the amount of toxic chemicals that go into making even one jacket (approximately a  pound per jacket). Part of our reason for being as a company is to educate and create a cleaner sources for everyday clothing needs. Visit modrobes.com

“I met Tyson and Cloe at the Green Living Show when we started chatting about my broken down biodiesel SUV. Once I found out more about their trip I was impressed and excited that they were spreading the word about environmental sustainability and the real possibilities of ending our addiction to polluting fuels. They are a fine example of the leaders that we need now and in the future to get our environment clean and to educate people about their part in making a better world.”

- Steven Sal Debus, Designer/Founder