"To create awareness and inspire individuals to realize

their personal power in forming individualized choice and

a respectful role in nature."

Goal Statement:

    Our goal is to raise awareness and concerned interest for current environmental issues.  We want to help individuals see how each of their daily lifestyle choices meaningfully affects our environment.

    As consumers and voters, we have more power than we realize—especially if we act together.  Every product that is bought is supporting someone or some corporation and their ideals.  Each vote that is counted is supporting a certain action and way of thinking.  We are at a critical time when you, as an individual, must decide to be a part of the solution or against it.

    By reflecting on your behaviour (being mindful of your lifestyle choices) you will reconnect with your role in nature and act as a steward for sustainable living.

    Our goal is to reach YOU with this message.  So evidently, we are already on the road of success.  To increase our odds, we are driving all throughout North America on waste vegetable oil to break the world record for “Longest Journey by Car on Alternative Fuel.”  We are visiting sites of successful sustainable initiatives to learn about the sustainable world in practice.  We are then delivering what we learn through public discussion, school presentations, radio and television media broadcasting, newspaper and magazine publications, websites, podcasts, internet broadcasting, and video documentary.

    We hope we can prepare you for changes in your lifestyle by which you could save money, act towards a healthier planet—socially as well as ecologically, and live a healthier mental and physical existence.

Our Goal

A world record attempt to learn about and share information for the promotion of healthy sustainable living choices.

“living sustainably”

Improving quality of human life while living within carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems.


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