Itinerary - Route

A world record attempt to learn about and share information for the promotion of healthy sustainable living choices.

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Download the entire journeys .kml files to view on google earth or google maps! 37.3 MB
Click hereItinerary_-_Driven_to_Sustain_files/
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The Journey - 1st Stage

Victoria, BC - Skagway, AK   

The Journey - 2nd Stage

Skagway, AK - Winnipeg, MB   

The Journey - 3rd Stage

Winnipeg, MB - Columbia, SC

The Journey - 4th Stage

Columbia, SC - Las Vegas, NV

The Journey - 5th Stage

Las Vegas, NV - Mt. Charleston, NV

The Journey - 6th Stage

Mt. Charleston, NV - Vancouver, BC

Our Guinness Route:

First Attempt

The Journey - 7th Stage

Vancouver, BC - New York, NY

First Attempt

Driven to Sustain has attempted the Guinness record Twice.

Here is their first attempt in 2008

The Journey - 8th Stage

New York, NY - Ottawa, ON

The Journey - 9th Stage

Ottawa, ON - Vancouver, BC