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Driven to Sustain

Driven to Sustain is a non-profit project designed to educate environmental sustainability in schools and promote global environmental awareness in the media.

On May 4th, 2010 founders Tyson Jerry and Cloe Whittaker rolled into the the Guinness record books for the greatest distance traveled using alternative fuel in a van they converted to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO).  The van, nicknamed "The Green Machine" by some and "Veggie Mobile / Veggie Van" by others, took Cloe and Tyson on their epic journey to visit nearly every Province territory and State in North America. 

As they traveled, Tyson and Cloe visited as many sustainable initiatives as possible, learning about the very best practices in sustainable living. Meeting experts in climate change education, the natural and built environments, sustainability, and the green movement, Tyson and Cloe embarked on a mission to share the rich lessons of their journey in schools from coast to coast.

To date Tyson and Cloe have visited a number of schools inspiring over 10,000 students with their stories.  Along the way tens of millions of people received with their message through various forms of media.

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Explore the world we live in as we drive over 45,000 km throughout North America.

View maps, and even download our GPS files to view on Google Maps and google earth. 

Come-along with us for the ride.  Watch clips and interviews from our video blog.

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A World Record breaking journey in a Veggie Mobile to promote healthy and sustainable living choices. 

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Adventure Blog

Read-along as Tyson and Cloe learn about green initiatives accross North America.

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